These festivals of Asia you should not miss on any account

2 Oct by Elizabeth D. Burson

These festivals of Asia you should not miss on any account

Celebrate the festivals as they fall and experience fascinating cultures up close. Immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions and rituals as you visit Asian festivals. Most celebrations are a fascinating blend of religion and culture that have evolved over centuries. Get an authentic insight into the culture and way of life of the local people on your individual Asia trip!

Thadingyut Festival of Lights in Myanmar

One of the most impressive festivals in former Burma is the Thadingyut Festival. Young and old celebrate the descent of Buddha from heaven after he proclaimed the teachings of Theravada Buddhism to his mother Maya. Marvel at the houses decorated with colorful lanterns that illuminate the city at night to welcome Buddha back to earth. Most of the celebrations take place in the middle of the streets, with joyful excitement everywhere. It smells of traditional dishes and there are public concerts and shows. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and experience this lively welcome to Buddha on your private Myanmar tour.

Phi Ta Khon in Thailand

During the Phi Ta Khon Festival in Thailand, ghosts and deceased souls are celebrated, similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead. The festival takes place in the Dan Sai District of Isan (Loei Province) and is one of the most colorful festivals in Asia. Men usually wear impressive masks and dress in colorful costumes. Watch the men dressed as ghosts dance in the streets and get carried away by the colorful hustle and bustle. Don’t miss this fascinating celebration on your Thailand trip!

Hanoi Perfume Festival in Vietnam

The perfume festival in Vietnam attracts crowds of pilgrims from all over the country who make their way to a group of limestone caves near Hanoi to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year at the Perfume Pagoda pilgrimage site. The celebrations begin with an impressive dragon dance before the pilgrims’ board boats to reach the sacred limestone caves. The stairs of the Huong Tich Cave are decorated with sacred offerings and the smell of incense is in the air. Visit this spiritual Buddhist place on your private trip to Vietnam!

Hari Raya/Eid in Malaysia

Since Islam is the predominant religion in Malaysia, the greatest celebration is the sacrificial festival of Hari Raya or Eid. It takes place at the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset. On the day of the oath, the breaking of the fast is celebrated with delicious food and exuberant atmosphere. In traditional clothes, family and friends can also enjoy sweets and exchange gifts. Experience the special atmosphere on this holiday on your individual journey in Malaysia.

International Jazz Music Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia

Attending this three-day festival will enrich the Indonesian journey of every music enthusiast. The International Jazz Festival in Jakarta is one of the most popular music festivals in Asia, attracting visitors from near and far. If you love jazz and travel to Indonesia in the spring, don’t miss this entertaining event!

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