Hotels in Japan – where to stay, what prices and standard?

2 Oct by Elizabeth D. Burson

Hotels in Japan – where to stay, what prices and standard?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the context of organizing a trip to Japan is about accommodation. That’s why I decided to describe my impressions in a separate entry. I know very well that it is not easy to find information on this subject, and the pictures on the websites do not always go hand in hand with reality.

Hotels in Japan – reservation:

I booked all the hotels on┬áthe internet, so I made payments only on the spot (usually in cash – the payment option is chosen when making the booking). The only exception was a hotel in Tokyo, which was sold out through this portal.

Hotels in Japan – prices:

All prices in this entry refer to 1 night for two people in a double or twin room. Reservations were made about 2 months before departure.

Prices are different. Our assumption was that the average price for an overnight stay without breakfast would be about 200 PLN. We managed to achieve this goal without much difficulty. According to the plan, we chose facilities in the city centre, with good access, in order not to waste much time moving around the city and to reach the hotel comfortably with large suitcases, with which we travelled. Prices on the outskirts were often much lower.

For example, we slept in the armchair of the Ace Inn Matsumoto Hotel for about 170 zlotys, the price included breakfast, renting bicycles and entrance to the exclusive onsena with access from the hotel (see: a visit to onsena), and we paid about 290 zlotys for a room in Tokyo without breakfast. We must admit, however, that both rooms were divided by a difference of about 2 stars in the European sense.

Standard hotels in Japan:

The standard is not defined by stars, as they are not used in Japan. On portals, of course, you will find stars, which more or less illustrate the level of the facility.

Basically, the rooms in Japanese hotels are terribly small.

In our first room in Osaka (we slept there in two different hotels) at the Il Grande Umeda hotel, it was difficult to open one suitcase on the floor, not to mention the simultaneous opening of two! Believe it, it was something we didn’t prepare for. We jumped over the entire length of the suitcase to enter the bathroom. It was a very surprising experience. Luckily, the next rooms were a bit looser.

The second hotel in Osaka (Hotel Mystays Dojima), despite the fact that it was at a similar price (about 5.5 thousand JPY per night) was already much more spacious and most resembled a room of European size. In terms of equipment, it housed a desk, chair and wardrobe, which can be considered a considerable luxury. The best thing about it was that we could open two suitcases at the same time.

As you can see, a double bed “king” in the Japanese sense is only about 120 cm wide. It is simply narrow and if you want to be honest, I highly recommend that you choose twin rooms, because everyone sleeps comfortably (single beds are standard width).

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